What I CAN do.

By Matthew Hobson

Awareness of abilities is more important than focusing on disabilities. Other people see only what I am not able to do. I want people to see what I CAN do.

I can want you to look past my disabilities, but I need to show you more than what I cannot do.

  • I can communicate, but I cannot talk.
  • I can laugh without looking like I am.
  • I can love people, but I just cannot always show it.
  • I can do a lot, but people only can see that if they look beyond my disability.

Adults need to help their children understand this too. Many children are frightened by people who are handicapped in some way. People need to help point out, not just the disability, but the ability.

Stevie Wonder may be blind but he is very talented musically. Some people who have autism have special gifts. Parents need to help explain the disability, but also they need to discuss the things that people with disabilities CAN do.

Hopefully those children will grow up with a new perspective on disabilities.


What do you think?

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