Moving Out

By Matthew Hobson

Am I ready to move out?

Many people think it is a simple question. However, moving out is a big decision – especially if you have a disability. Several things must be considered. Financially, are you ready to move? Everyone’s situation is different. I have Social Security to help with my expenses. But it will not be enough to cover everything. Economics is one barrier. Architectural barriers could be a problem for a handicapped individual with a wheelchair.

Supported living, involving assisted services, is a type of housing which some people with disabilities prefer.

Others might want to rent an apartment. Public housing may pay part of the rent and utilities depending on the income of the person. Several states have rental assistance programs. Only 50% of the country knows that it is illegal for landlords to refuse to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. It is also illegal to refuse modifications to the housing unit. The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prevent the landlord from refusing the changes if they are reasonable.

“Reasonable” is the key word. There are many factors to consider in this process.

Once you have decided to move out, you need to look for housing that works best for you.  There are more options available to people with disabilities than in the past. People are beginning to understand our need to have some choice and control in making this very important decision. In my opinion, I think most of us prefer to live at home for as long as we can. I know I want to. I like living at home. However, like others I know, I will need my own place.

Most often people like me move to group homes where several people live together.  Staff is provided to help them with daily living. I personally would like to live in an assisted living arrangement and have no more that one roommate. I would definitely prefer a house rather than an apartment. I like having a yard of my own.

However, I want to live together with my parents for the time being. They love me very much, like most parents love their children. I have been fortunate to have them.  Moving to another place would not change that. Love is not contingent on being in the same house.

Going out on my own possibly might have some advantages.

One thing is not living like a child forever. I would probably feel more like an adult. I might have to do more for myself. I might like being just with my friends. Having my own house might make me feel better about my future when my parents no longer are able to care for me. I would have my home established by then. I just have to hope this will happen before my parents get to that point.

As of today, I find myself content living here with my parents until I have to live on my own. I just think living the “family way” is best for me right now.

For more information about types of housing, I found an informative website at

One Response

  1. Way to go Matt.
    Reach for the heavens.
    Peace be with you brother.
    Mark Brandt

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