I Want To Find A Job.

By Matthew Hobson

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Labor, over 41 million Americans currently deal with the challenges of disability, including an unemployment rate in excess of 72%. In addition, 13 million Americans have a ‘go-outside-the-home’ disability.”

– National Telecommuting Institute

People can often overlook those of us with disabilities like we have nothing to offer.

Employers seem uninterested or too afraid to give us a chance to prove what we can do. The jobs we can do vary as much as we do. The types of jobs for people with disabilities can obviously depend on the type of disability the person has. I want a job where I can use my typing ability. I do not have any other skill since I do not have the ability to use my hands well to do many jobs. Continue reading

A Few Basic Things

 By David Morstad

Last week in Pittsburgh, Lutheran Services in America held their annual conference. On Tuesday afternoon, the Disability Network of that group sponsored an open forum titled “Long Term Supports and Services,” featuring Dr. Charlie Lakin, director of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Continue reading

Realities of Dementia

By Connie Horn

It is incredibly difficult to watch someone age, especially when they begin to have health issues.  I think one of the worst issues to have to deal with is when someone has dementia. I can say this with complete certainty, because my mom had dementia.

Dementia is such a gradual disease, which, I suppose, is a good thing. As hard as it was to watch my mom slowly fade away, I think it would be much more difficult if she had lost her mental abilities abruptly, without warning. My mom is gone now, but my experience with her dementia has helped me to understand how dementia can impact someone’s life and the lives of their family, friends and others who support them. Continue reading

What I CAN do.

By Matthew Hobson

Awareness of abilities is more important than focusing on disabilities. Other people see only what I am not able to do. I want people to see what I CAN do.

I can want you to look past my disabilities, but I need to show you more than what I cannot do. Continue reading

Focusing on Ability

By Matthew Hobson

God loves all people. God has also given each of us gifts, and He loves us for our own gifts and talents. You may not immediately understand or recognize others’ gifts most of the time. It may take a while to see those unique talents, especially in those people with disabilities.

Others, who are not disabled, have the chance to demonstrate their talents in more situations, because they often have more opportunities than disabled people. Non-disabled people seem to have more experiences that enable them to discover their abilities. Continue reading