Advocacy for Change

By Gretchen Block

Change…change…more change. Why is it that things always seem to be changing? Who decided that a change was needed again? Can’t we ever slow down? We just get used to something and then there we go, changing things again. So this time, it’s a new employment opportunity for people that choose Bethesda as a provider?  Hmmm…

Bethesda is in the process of filling six new positions in our organization – Advocacy Mentors. Continue reading

Person-Centered or Person-Directed?

By Kelly Thran

“Person-centered” and “person-directed” services are value-based approaches to providing a system for people who require the support of others to live a rich and fulfilling life.

The terminology is often used interchangeably.  I suggest that there are subtle, yet distinct, differences between “person-centered” and “person-directed” that should not be overlooked. Continue reading