Autism Awareness Month

By Matthew Hobson

Since April is “Autism Awareness Month,” I wanted to tell what autism is like for me.  In my book, I’m So Glad You Found Me in Here, I give a little idea of what living with autism is like. Continue reading

What I CAN do.

By Matthew Hobson

Awareness of abilities is more important than focusing on disabilities. Other people see only what I am not able to do. I want people to see what I CAN do.

I can want you to look past my disabilities, but I need to show you more than what I cannot do. Continue reading

Perception vs. Reality

By Matthew Hobson

My name is Matt Hobson. I have had autism all of my life. The hardest thing is being non-verbal as well. When I was young, I was diagnosed as severely mentally handicapped. However, I learned to use facilitated communication when I was eleven. (Yes it does work for some people. A subject for a future post.) Since then I have graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis and co-wrote a book called I’m So Glad You Found Me in Here. Continue reading